Grzegorz Ros -  Director

                                              Grzegorz Ros is one of the founders and directors of Polish-American 

                                              Chamber of Commerce in Nevada.  Grzegorz is an acrobat, show

                                              performer and physical therapist.

                                              Grzegorz comes from a historical town of Zlotoryja, Poland. That is where he started his career in Gymnastic Acrobatics, under the supervision of Leszek Antonowicz, a world champion in this discipline. From Zlotoryja Grzegorz moved to Wroclaw, where he graduated from Academy of Physical Education with Master in Physical Therapy. He continued his sports career, winning the title of Champion of Poland several times and wining medals in European and World Championships. Grzegorz and his long-time partner in hand-balancing act Tomasz “Wilu” Wilkosz both moved to Las Vegas in order to perform in the show Le Rêve. He continued his education in United States and graduated from the Arizona School of Health Sciences with Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2013. Currently, Grzegorz practices Physical Therapy at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center.

Grzegorz actively contributes to building Polish-American co-operation through business, cultural and social endeavors. Grzegorz, together with Maria Rogaczewska, a polish researcher and social innovation designer, co-founded the “Trood” Foundation for Human Development. The Foundation supports artistic and sport development of talented youth in his hometown Zlotoryja. The Foundation serves as a vehicle of transferring American experience and know-how to Polish context and vice-versa.

John Petkus - Director

                                            Consul John Petkus is a 21 year resident of the State of Nevada, moving to

                                            Las Vegas from his native Michigan in 1994.  Consul Petkus has been Chief

                                            of Mission for the Polish Consulate in Las Vegas since 2009 and

                                            administers  the over 15,000 Polish diaspora and 50,000 American’s of

                                            Polish decent that call Nevada home.  The Consular jurisdiction consists of

                                            the entire State of Nevada.  The Consulate provides Consular services,

                                            promotes trade & business between Poland and Nevada and also

promotes cultural and educational outreach.

Consul Petkus is a graduate of Michigan Technological University with a B.A. in Technical Communications.  While living in Michigan he was involved in the engineering and sales of semiconductor products to the automotive industry.  Since his move to Nevada, he founded and runs Hemisphere West International, a wholesale distributor of currency handling technology with a worldwide customer base.

Other endeavors and awards:
Member:  District Export Council
Executive Advisory Board:  UNLV International School of Business
Member:  Nevada International Trade & Investment Committee (NITIC)
Founding Member & Director: Polish American Chamber of Commerce of Nevada
Executive Vice President: Federation of Polish Chambers & Business Organizations in North America (FPCBONA)
Board of Directors: World Affairs Council of Las Vegas
Knights Cross of Merit for service to the Republic of Poland Academy of Distinguished Alumni, Michigan Technological University, College of Science & Arts

Jakub Medrala - Director

                                                Jakub P. Medrala is a co-founder and director of the Polish-American

                                               Chamber of Commerce of Nevada. A principal attorney with Las Vegas-

                                               based Donath & Medrala, PLLC, Jakub has a busy practice in business

                                               and civil litigation.

                                               Jakub’s hometown is Kraków, Poland. In Kraków, Jakub obtained his first law degree from Poland’s oldest and finest law faculty at Jagiellonian University, and in 2006 decided to challenge his legal skills on American soil. In the United States, Jakub obtained a dual JD/MBA degree from William S. Boyd School of Law and the Lee Business School at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He achieved his personal goal of becoming an American attorney. While in school, he passed the California Bar Exam, and then later the Nevada Bar Exam. In his school years, Jakub was also one of the founding members and CLO of the Rebel Venture Fund, a not-for-profit organization providing UNLV students with learning opportunities through participation in real-world venture capital funding.

Jakub is actively involved in promotion and development of commercial exchange between Poland and Nevada. He represents Polish businesses in their legal matters in Nevada and California, and helps American investors to find partners and business connections in Poland.

Jakub is married and has two daughters. He loves to mountain bike and regularly injures himself at the ski slopes.

Iwona Podzorski - Director

                                           Iwona Podzorski is a co-founder and director of the Polish-American

                                           Chamber of Commerce of Nevada. Iwona is also a president of the Polish

                                           American Social Club of Las Vegas since 2013. She is a  21 year resident of

                                           the State of Nevada.

                                           Iwona’s hometown is Zawiercie, Poland, a gateway town to a beautiful

                                           Polish Jurassic Highland.

Iwona attended the University of Lodz  studying Administrative Law before transferring to Las Vegas. She graduated from  of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. She work as a Database Administrator in the local IT Industry.

Iwona plans and organizes various cultural events, historical exhibits and musical performances to name a few. The PASCLV also supports charitable organizations for children, such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital and “Mam Marzenie” Foundation.

Iwona is married and has two sons. She is a member of the "Piast" Dance Company and  local Polish Choir. She enjoys hiking and travel.

Edyta Jankowski - Director

Polish American Chamber of Commerce of Nevada was founded in 2013 to promote business cooperation between Poland & the State of Nevada.

Founding Directors: Grzegorz Ros. Iwona Podzorski, Edyta Jankowski, Jakub Medrala, and  John Petkus